Two Buildings in One.

The Goodon Optional Grain Storage Package provides economical, secure grain storage with the flexibility to convert your Building to general purpose Building, when not storing grain.

A 4' liner is built into the bottom of your Building for grain storage. This option allows you to pile your grain high into your Building without worrying about spillage.

As well, because Goodon Buildings are constructed with the posts relatively close together, we ensure that your building will be able to withstand stress from the grain load. 

Goodon Industries can provide you with the storage solution you need for potatoes and vegetables. For this type of Building, we slant the walls to accommodate extra pressure, which means you can stack your potatoes and vegetables higher.

With a larger Building, you have the option of placing the plenum down the center or end of the Building, so you can store your goods on each side. You can also insulate your Building in a variety of ways. The metal lined walls of an insulated building allows for easy cleaning and maintenance – helping you keep your crops healthy.