Safety. Comfort.


Ride in Style.

Building an Equestrian Center or Riding Arena is a major undertaking.  One that requires solid planning, and good listening skills to ensure your personal and specific needs are met.

Having worked with the equestrian industry for over 50 years, Goodon understands the needs and passion of the horse community when it comes to designing the Equestrian Center of your dreams.

We understand that a healthy horse is a healthy investment. You not only want safe, comfortable conditions for your horses, but you also want convenience and comfort when working with your animals. A Goodon Equestrian Center has clear spans widths to 110' and will allow you to continue working with your horses, even when the weather is poor.

Whether you plan on using your Building for equestrian, dressage, western pleasure, or rodeo events; the sales staff of Goodon Industries is committed to walking you step-by-step through the planning process ensuring a custom-designed package that works for you.